5 useful websites to support remote learning

Beyond using Microsoft Teams/ Google Classroom (other lesson streaming programmes are available!), there are a whole host of useful websites that can help to support the delivery of online lessons. Here a few tried and tested ones that you may find useful.

1.) Whiteboard.fi


Great for: Any online whiteboard work- very useful with a graphics tablet! You’re able to see what all 32 students are doing remotely at once and you can ‘push’ your board to their screens so that modelling or scaffolding processes or explanations can be done with greater ease. A great piece of kit and it’s free!

2.) Mentimeter


Great for: Getting instant feedback on pupils’ understanding/ views about a topic using instant online questions and surveys, students can engage through phones/ laptops remotely and during lessons. You can ask students to comment and see all comments at the same time. This can be opened in another tab, alongside your Google Meet/ Teams meeting. It’s easy to import your powerpoints to this too and make them remotely interactive. It’s good fun and really easy to use.

3.) Loom


Great for: Online screen recording software that enables you to record presentations, then embed them or share links to your online classrooms- great for assemblies, explaining processes or even recording whole lessons.

4.) Miro


An online whiteboard/ group planning online programme. A series of useful structures (post-its/ VENN diagrams/ charts and graphs) that can be edited at the same time by your team. Great for mindmapping/ group projects/ group discussions. Useful also for strategic planning as a team of teachers from a distance.

5.) Classroomscreen.com


Classroom Screen is a free classroom screen with useful widgets like random student generator, timer, acceptable noise-level guide and much more. It’s recently added the ability to use your webcam through it, too. Best for in-classroom teaching, but also useful in remote lessons where you’re sharing your screen- I find the timer and stopwatch features particularly useful. It’s a good thing to have on in the background/ to share your screen with if students are working against the clock.

Do you have any apps/ websites you’re finding particularly useful in the delivery of online learning? If so, comment below and we can collate a compendium!

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