TLA Meets: Jon Neale, Digital Learning Lead and Mote expert!

In this first instalment of ‘The Learning Addict Meets’, I met with Jon Neale to talk about how the Google Add-On ‘Mote’ can add value to your online feedback and help save time.

In this session, Jon demonstrates Mote’s features and explains how Mote can benefit teachers in a whole host of ways.

What are the current issues?

  • Providing feedback on students’ work takes time, typing individual feedback to students is a time-consuming business, even with Google’s Comment Bank feature on the Google Classroom;
  • Some students won’t understand the intended tone of the teacher when their comments are written and not spoken, this is exacerbated further by the fact that ‘normal’ teacher-student interactions have reduced as result of teaching remotely;
  • When working remotely, students may miss the ‘personal touch’ and interaction that they would usually get in their face-to-face interactions and feedback from their teachers.

What does Mote do?

  • Mote allows you to record audio feedback to students either as a comment on a specific area of the work or as a private message, summarising their progress in the work
  • Mote saves time for teachers, allowing them to speak their feedback rather than typing it
  • Mote gives students the sense they’re interacting with their teacher, by hearing a voice rather than reading words on a screen;
  • Mote stops feedback messages from being misconstrued/ misunderstood as the intended tone of the teacher’s voice will be clearer to the student
  • Allows the teacher to elaborate on their feedback, giving specific examples of how work could be improved.

Here’s our Meet:

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