Project 2019: Home Office Build Part 3

I know it has been a while since the last update, but work has been progressing well with the garden office. I had to wait a little longer to build enough cash to be able to afford the external cladding- I had sampled a few (western red cedar and thermowood) and decided to go with the thermowood, which is a heat-treated timber. Thermowood doesn’t come cheap but it smells and looks fantastic.

The first step was to baton the external walls using tanalised timber batons.

Once the external batons were finished, it was time to clad the building. I had decided to buy cladding that could slot together without any need for nails or screws to be showing. This is called ‘secret fix’ and helps achieve a flawless finish. Here’s the profile:

This wood cost around £3.10 per meter, excluding VAT. To clad the entire building (+10% for wastage- which is needed as heat treated wood can become a little brittle), the price was around £840. Whilst there was an audible gasp when I saw the price, it is the thing about the building that you’ll see first, so I decided to pay it. The sample of western red cedar felt a little too brittle for me and I didn’t like the colour quite as much as this one.

Cladding the walls was a fairly quick process once all pieces had been cut to size. As there is a slight slope to the roof, I cut all pieces equally and then cut them to size once they were attached. This was a little more difficult than it sounds, so it is probably better to cut them to the height of each stage of your roof as you go.

The corners were a little tricky. You can purchase corner pieces, but I decided to cut an existing piece with a circular saw, which made the line quite neat.

Cladding around windows and doors was a challenge, but I decided to double up on the pieces surrounding the window. This was like a difficult jigsaw to ensure that all gaps were filled and that it fit snugly, but I’m pleased with the end result.

You can see more accurately here what the ‘doubling up’ looks like (that’s not official lingo, I just can’t think of another way to describe it). The window will then be given a bead of white silicone to finish it off.

Once the cladding had been completed, I fitted the downlighters (and got myself a nasty electric shock– make sure you isolate the switch before messing!) and the shed office looks great at night!

As you can see here, I’ve fitted some fascia boards to the front. They have also been added to the sides and the back so that the roof edges can be permanently glued down.

I hope to finish the final few snags over the next couple of weeks (before next term starts!) so hope to update you again soon!

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